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Here are Some Tips on Restoration of Antique Structures…

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It is understood that you cannot be expected to refurbish each and every part of an antique house; but there are certain details that can be attended to comfortably. Where exteriors are concerned, you can take care of the fencing, any cast iron work or fretwork, coloring, original design of the garden, necessary hardware, windows and doors, other joinery, and light fittings. Appropriate furnishings including furniture, coloring, wallpapers, ceiling papers, fabrics, and stenciling would come into interior decoration.

Let us take the exteriors first. Now, when you see the mortar of an old house crumbling, you might panic wondering if the house is going to come down! In actual fact, soft lime mortar was the material used to construct these ancient structures. The logic behind utilizing this soft material as a cover for bricks and stones was to prevent any moisture from dampening the walls. Dampness opts for the path of least resistance during evaporation. This is what ground moisture contains—harmful salts that undergo crystallization after entering the atmosphere. During this process, if these salts reach brick surfaces or stonework, they cause flaking to occur. Mortar acts like a bodyguard and takes the brunt of the attack. Also, mortar is able to absorb movement. So when you see the outer walls crumbling, do a repair job with soft lime mortar prepared with the help of a traditional recipe. Never go in for hard cement!

Again, where timber windows are concerned, they will lose their antique charm if you are going to use metal as a restoration material. Go in for covering up the damage or decay with the aid of new timber parts. It will not do to get rid of the original fabric at all!

Let us now step inside the building. Where kitchens and bathrooms are concerned, modern appliances can definitely be utilized, while retaining the original character (never mind which era or century the house belongs to). You cannot be expected to forgo modern conveniences and live the way your ancestors did!

But do retain the original decorations as far as possible, especially stenciled ones or wallpaper. A little bit of soft soap and warm water should get rid of accumulated dirt. Even a rubber will do the job. It really does not matter if the entire appearance is slightly faded; after all, you cannot expect ancient things to look as good as new! Even your visitors will not mind! These decorations let us feel the Edwardian or Victorian (for example) character of the house. Your knowledge about the society of those times is enhanced.

Of yes, if you are worried about obtaining the exact materials or something similar to take up restoration or refurbishing, don’t! They are available and so are tradespeople who will go all out to help you if you are clear about your expectations. You will be surprised to discover how enthusiastic they can become over a mere structure after you explain everything to them. Only be careful to go in for traditional hardware instead of modern ones or modern screws. Your house must be able to tell a tale about a bygone era via its façade alone!


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