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Lavish Utmost Care on Your Antique Silver for it to Remain Ageless!

Cleaning antique silverware, caring for your antique silver,antique silver

Most people are aware that Antiques are something that belong to the past, but are not fully aware of their value. Well, if you should find something that belongs to a long-ago era, and cannot be found today, it is an antique. If you have ever handled an antique and taken a close look at it, you would realize that there is no set pattern that has been followed; yet the attention that has been bestowed on the central design and surrounding details is remarkably astounding! They obviously indicate a top level of craftsmanship which is generally missing in today’s jet age. It is precisely because of these features that the price of an antique is vastly different, as compared to objects of the modern era.

Among the antiques, silver occupies a pride of place on the list. Even the trendiest people around would love to own old silver items. As a matter of fact, the habit of collecting antiques is catching up with people coming from varied backgrounds; formerly, it was a hobby of the rich and famous only. Not to be wondered at, considering that television is going all out to popularize the concept! BBC heads the list of “antique shows with its Bargain Hunt, Antiques Road Show and Cash in the Attic!

Some amount of dedicated maintenance is required to retain your collection’s beauty for all time, especially if it concerns cutlery! You do need to spruce up their appearance from time to time via cleaning and polishing.

Here are some suggestions to be kept in mind when handling your silver antiques—

(1) Abrasive materials are to be avoided as far as possible if you do not want marks appearing on your precious antiques. Despite the best cleaning efforts, a minute layer of silver will be removed. So stick to soft cloth, cotton buds, cotton wool, sponges, and silver foam.

(2) You might feel that a specific brand of Silver Dip is great for removing dirt from all the nooks and crannies, but overuse might lead to erosion and softening. You do not want those elaborate silver designs to disappear forever! Silver Dip is advocated for ornate pieces, but do be careful about utilizing it only when essential.

(3) Only the very best silver polish (in the form of liquid) will do for your antiques!

(4) If you are planning to clean and polish your antiques before storing them, use a soft and clean cloth to give a slight dusting once you have polished the items to perfection. Even an occasional rinse in hot soapy water will not come amiss. But do ensure that the soap residue is entirely removed and your silverware is given a thorough drying before you put them away.

Now, you can enjoy your “antique silver” for years to come!


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