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An Old House is an Antique Too, Go Ahead and Rejuvenate it!

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Everything related to the past has a story to relate, and this includes old houses too! Yes, these brick and mortar constructions are antiques too. Consider how much you benefit from them—you get to study the architecture prevalent in specific time periods, the technology utilized in construction, exteriors and interiors, the varied social customs in practice, etc. It is as if you have gone back in time, despite the structures no longer presenting the pristine appearance of the time when they were first built.

Now, with a little care and thought, most “antique” houses can be restored to their original condition. Not only will you have the satisfaction of getting back something from yesteryears, but in the case that you decide to sell your residence, you are bound to make a lot of money. Genuine buyers do not mind how much they pay for solidly-built architecture. And before you jump to the conclusion that only grand mansions and villas or museums need rejuvenating, so do cottages. As a matter of fact, they cost lesser to restore than larger buildings.

Restoration of prominent structures can become an expensive process if you get hold of an architect or a builder to take care of the entire thing. Instead, you could list out all the things that require refurbishing or repairing and get appropriate tradespeople to take care of the jobs. You would only need to supervise. This ensures some savings too. Also, you are fixing up an old house; so it would be more advisable to go in for low-cost second-hand replacements. You do get durable and suitable doors, windows and bathroom fittings at cheaper prices. Brand new ones will spoil the décor and the feel of the past! So if the right materials are utilized in the way they should be, there should be no hassles at all!

Do not introduce drastic changes into an antique structure! Yes, your neighbor’s house may present a very attractive appearance, but being a copy cat will ruin the façade of your residence; do not do it! If possible, get hold of some old family photographs (if not from your own, at least from those who dwelt there before). And do not be too taken aback to discover that certain changes have already been introduced earlier!

When you are doing the restoring, you might have to make some minor changes. If the appropriate materials are used in an appropriate manner in alignment to the streetscape, these can be allowed. Your antique residence is something of a “house museum” that provides you with shelter, as well as lets the general public go back in history. This mode of learning is so much more interesting than mere reading from books!

If you take a look around, there are certain antique houses that have been subjected to very minor alterations; this is referred to as "enlightened maintenance". Rarely will you find structures that seem to have been untouched by time—so well have they been restored to their original appearance, right down to the fabrics, furniture and interior decoration! Sadly, the character of most old houses has been destroyed simply because people have remained ignorant about the value of the past. Do not follow this crowd, be different! If you live in a relic of your ancestors, do not destroy its original fiber!


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